Applying for Hansa Kindergarten

If you wish to apply for a place for your child at Hansa Kindergarten, please send in an application at...

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Parents Association

Hansa parents association, officially titled Hansan Päiväkotiyhdistys ry, is an association which runs the Hansa Kindergarten. All parents with children...

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Our Kindergarten

Hansa Kindergarten offers early childhood education and preschool education to children aged 3-6. Our Kindergarten is small and homely with...

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Language Immersion

Language immersion is a method in which the new language is used in a meaningful way in the child’s environment....

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Our Mission Statement

Hansa Kindergarten is based on the following values: tolerance, honesty, treating everyone fairly and being considerate towards others, good manners...

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Hansa Kindergarten

Contact us

Hansa Kindergarten
Emil Halmeen tie 1
02780 Espoo

Tel: 09-8137174

Email: [email protected]

Applying for Hansa
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