Hansa parents association, officially titled Hansan Päiväkotiyhdistys ry, is an association which runs the Hansa Kindergarten. All parents with children in Hansa are members of this association. The association does not charge an annual membership fee.

A board of members is selected at the association spring meeting, the board meets up every two moths. The board is in charge of organising the communal maintenance events, planning and developing the daycare site and collaborating with Espoo city on various issues. The Kindergarten functions both as a early childhood education setting and as a workplace. The board is the representative of the employer and manages, together with the landlord and official bodies, the safety and health aspects of the site from both the children’s and employees perspective. The afore mentioned duties are performed in close cooperation with the head of early childhood education centre.

The guardians of the children at Hansa are responsible for the maintenance of the site and premises. Typical communal chores would include maintenance work for which the tenant is responsible for such as fixing things and maintaining the yard. These chores might also include jobs such as installing a shelf or a curtain rail or repairing furniture. As a child starts coming to Hansa, the guardians must pay €100 deposit for the communal chores, payable to the Hansan Päiväkotiyhdistys ry bank account. Please find further instructions for payment in the —— section. The deposit for the communal chores ensures that families participate in the tasks assigned to them. If any guardians are unable to attend on the maintenance day, they can also carry out tasks on a different day, arranged in advance. If any guardians are unable to carry out any tasks for any reason, their communal contribution can be written off by a €50 fee per each maintenance day. If guardians have participated in the maintenance days, carried out other tasks or paid the €50 write off fee throughout the period their child attends at Hansa, their initial deposit is returned to their chosen bank account as their child leaves the Kindergarten.

Each guardian who is part of the association has a specific duty to attend the association meetings. It is beneficial to attend purely for the opportunity to influence the daycare and therefore your child’s life. It is also worth remembering that these meetings encompass the highest deciding body within the organisation. The board is chosen for the next 12 months at the spring meeting.

Each guardian with children attending early childhood education has the right to receive information about any matters influencing the every day life of their child. A daycare facility which is run by an association offers the guardians a real chance to make a difference and the staff is always happy to cooperate with parents. Guardians are also welcome to visit the daycare unit without prior arrangement. Guardians can also participate in the daily routine and activities at the daycare unit, according to their own interests.

The basis of a successful daycare provision, in addition to the motivated and professional staff, is the active participation of the guardians.