Hansa Kindergarten is based on the following values: tolerance, honesty, treating everyone fairly and being considerate towards others, good manners and sustainable development in all areas.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment which encourages each child to be themselves and feel valued as they are. Each child is given time and space to develop and learn at their own pace. The basis of our setting is to establish an honest and appreciative connection with each child to maintain positive interaction and a strong partnership with parents in regards to early years education. 

The children are encouraged to embrace independent thinking and problem solving which encourages the development of thinking skills and improves their self-esteem. Our aim is to help the children grow into active and balanced citizens of the world who feel confident about their own abilities.

English is the main language used in the setting. The staff understands and is capable of communicating in Finnish as well. A child who is still new to English won’t end up in a situation where they can’t be understood due to a language barrier.  We encourage a positive and tolerant attitude towards other languages, cultures and different people.