Hansa Kindergarten offers early childhood education and preschool education to children aged 3-6. Our Kindergarten is small and homely with 36 early years spaces.

Hansa Kindergarten was founded in 1997 and has been operating as an Espoo city outsourced day-care centre from the beginning.  In 2006 Hansa Kindergarten, or Hansa for short, relocated into the current premises. Hansa was originally founded by parents and continues to operate with the same set-up. All parents with children attending early years education at Hansa belong to the ’Hansa Kindergarten Association’, the association being responsible for the operation of the Kindergarten. The daily aspects of running the Kindergarten is managed by early childhood education professionals. Hansa specialises in using English as the operational language within the setting. The children learn to communicate in English through play and daily routines. Some of the children will continue their learning in bilingual education or in an international school. 

Hansa has approximately 10 available spaces each year. If you are interested in applying for space for your child,  we would advice you to complete an application form at your earliest convenience to confirm a space in our friendly setting.

Welcome to Hansa!