Our team consists of the head of early childhood education centre, early childhood education teachers and childcarers, a preschool teacher and a housekeeping assistant. Everything we do is centred around the wellbeing, growth and development of each child.

A short description of the main duties of our staff:
The head of the early childhood education centre is responsible for the pedagogy, staff and finances of the setting. Other responsibilities include the allocation of available early childhood education spaces within the setting and collaboration with the Espoo city bodies. The head of the early childhood education centre works closely with the board, dealing with matters such as the day-care facilities and operation. The manager also works part -time with the children.

The early childhood education teachers and assistants: The teachers are responsible for the pedagogy and teaching approach as specified in the early childhood education curriculum and ensure that it is followed within the cohort. The teachers plan, develop and assess teaching practices together with the assistants and the unit manager. The teachers also discuss the child’s individual early childhood education plan (varhaiskasvatussuunnitelma; Vasu) with the parents. The early childhood education assistants manage and plan activities together with the teachers.

The preschool teacher: The preschool teacher is responsible for the planning, development and delivery of the teaching content for the preschool class. The preschool teacher, together with each child’s parents, compiles the preschool learning plan (Leops) and works in cooperation with the local education specialists. At Hansa the preschool teacher also works with the younger children outside preschool hours. 

The housekeeping assistant is responsible for the cleaning within the premises, preparing breakfasts and snacks and serving lunch. Housekeeping duties also include linen management and assisting with waterproofs.