”We had heard about Hansa from our acquaintances, whose children had previously attended the Kindergarten.Storie about the ”Hansa atmosphere”, nice staff and the small groups encouraged us to apply for a space. The opportunity to learn English at the same time made the decision easy for us. Our child has been settled and happy at Hansa and the cooperation with staff has been easy and smooth.”

”Hansa Kindergarten is the best possible daycare we could have wished for. Commitment by the staff and the international flare create the unique atmosphere at Hansa.”

”Our child had been on the waiting list for Hansa since he was born and as soon as he turned three it was time to start. He had not previously used any English but learned very quickly to understand the language and follow instructions. The way children learn is amazing!”

”We have experience from several daycare settings and I can honestly confirm that Hansa has an exceptional vibe. The Kindergarten is small and homely. The facilities are inviting and appropriate. The staff knows the children and the children know the staff. A huge plus is also that I know the parents of the children my child is friends with, this makes socialising and organising playdates easy. The children make lifelong friendships at Hansa.”