Applying for Hansa Kindergarten

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Children are selected for Autumn Semester in February from the kindergarten’s line. Children can be taken to Hansa also in the middle of the year if there are free places.

Children can be added into Hansa Kindergarten’s line by filling an application on Hansa’s website. Application will become active after the administration fee is paid. The administration fee is 20€ per child per year and it is paid to the kindergarten’s bank account.  The administration fee needs to be paid by the due date which is given when the application is processed. After that the administration fee is paid on January first yearly. The message for the payment is the child’s name and the year of the payment.

You will be contacted from the kindergarten after your application has been processed. If you are not contacted, please call the kindergarten manager: 09 813 71 74. We do not send bills, we only send a reminder around the time of the yearly payment.

Hansa Kindergarten is a language immersion kindergarten meant primarily for Finnish children, who´s first language is Finnish. We also take children to Hansa who’s first language is not Finnish, if language immersion day care is a suitable option for the child. The family’s situation is discussed when the application is received.

The child can begin day care in Hansa when he or she is 3 years old, but we do require that the child’s language skills have developed well. Children can also start day care in Hansa when they are 4, 5 or 6 years old, but if a child starts when he or she is 6, they already need to know some English.
The applicants are placed in the queue on the basis of the application’s date of arrival. The siblings of the children who are in Hansa or have been go ahead of the line. Siblings also need to pay the administration fee. The situation in the groups always affects the selection process. The kindergarten manager makes the decisions about the selection based on the guidelines presented before.

The responsibility of running Hansa Kindergarten lies with the parents’ association. It consists of all the parents with children in the day care in Hansa. It is the parents’ task to take care of the kindergarten on a larger scale so that the staff can concentrate on their work and daily routines with the children.
Every family is expected to do voluntary work for the kindergarten during the period of their membership in the association. Typical tasks are cleaning windows, raking the autumn leaves, washing carpets, fixing bicycles or painting.


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