Parents Association


The responsibility of running Hansa Kindergarten lies with the parents’ association.

It consists of all the parents with children in the day or the afternoon care in Hansa. It is the parents’ task to take care of the kindergarten on a larger scale so that the staff can concentrate on their work and daily routines with the children.

The parents association hires the staff and runs the whole business, but also clean the yard and repair any broken toys and equipment. Running the kindergarten gives the members many rights and privileges but also responsibilities.


Every family is expected to do voluntary work for the kindergarten during the period of their membership in the association. Typical tasks are cleaning windows, raking the autumn leaves, washing carpets, fixing bicycles or painting.

In the beginning of their membership every family is charged 100 euros. The sum will be returned after the voluntary work is done.

Every member is also expected to be present at the association meetings which are arranged approximately 4 times a year.

Rights and privileges:

The most significant decisions concerning any activity of the whole kindergarten are made at the association meetings. The Board consists of five members of the association, which is chosen annually in spring.

The Board arranges times for voluntary work twice a year (Autumn and Spring). It calls and prepares the association meetings and also ensures that the decisions made are fulfilled. Discussions in the meetings usually concern staff, economy, voluntary work and the future of the association and the kindergarten. Association meetings are a good time to speak aloud about any questions or issues.

The quality of the kindergarten arises not only from the fine staff but also from the active parents. Every family has the possibility to influence their child’s welfare, directly as a parent and extensively through the parents’ association.