Opinions of Hansa


Why did we choose Hansa?

1) The tiny and homelike day-care attracted us.

2) The staff are committed and also have a strong will to co-operate with the parents.

3) The kids have a wide variety of activities and events.

4) The staff are active and that is really important.

5) The environment and the staff are nice.

6) Our experiences from Hansa are positive: the staff are nice and active. The kids have a lot of theme events and trips.

7) Small groups.

8) Good location.


Language Immersion:
1) It was easy to choose Hansa. When our child was born we lived abroad and we had already decided to put our child to an English speaking kindergarten. Luckily, Hansa was close to us.
2) Language immersion has been a great thing!
3) First we had some doubts about the language immersion, but it has turned out to be a great success.


Parents Association:
1) It’s more demanding for the parents than in any other day-care, that is clear. So it should be considered when choosing a day-care.
2) The parents association makes parents put effort into Hansa, so that it’s not only a storage of kids!

3) In Hansa there is a feeling of a small community.
4) Parents need to be committed to work on the board.
5) It is nice to work in the board where you have the possibility to influence your child’s education.