Our Kindergarten

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Hansa is an independent kindergarten providing places for 36 children, between the ages 3 and 6. Hansa Kindergarten specializes in language immersion, which means that the children are predominately spoken to in English.

All the parents with a child in Hansa
(or whose child has been approved a place) automatically become members of the parents´ association. Parents´ association enables the existance of Hansa Kindergarten.

According to the outsourcing contract, Espoo city finances Hansa to provide day care services. This is why the monthly fees are on the same level as municipal kindergartens and why we can only accept children who live in Espoo.

Our Community

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The environment is cosy and peaceful which together with open relations and good planning help to create a good foundation for life long learning. Professional, constantly learning and well motivated staff support the child’s development, learning and wellbeing along with the parents.

Hansa forms a strong community with children, their families and staff. The children spend a lot of time together playing games, often with very mixed age groups. Friendships develop, but at the same time groups vary so much that nobody is left alone.

We are very concerned that no teasing will take place, and disagreements are always solved in such a manner that all parties involved are able to tell their side of the story. Children are encouraged to be self-confident and talk about their feelings.